Filastiniyat - فلسطينيات

جمعية نسوية شبابية


"Palestinian free, democratic, inclusive society, which grants Palestinians social justice, freedom and equality"


Shaping media and public discourse through an alternative women and youth discourse is a process that

necessitates that measures to increase women and youth’s participation ought to be complemented by

consistent and systemic integration of context-specific gender-aware perspectives and the development of

woman-empowering political, economic, social, and human rights.

البرامج الرئيسية

نادي الاعلاميات الفلسطينيات

Established in 2010 to provide a safe and independent venue for female journalists with a focus on Gaza female journalists. The club provides capacity building, career enhancement opportunities, experience exchange, coaching, round tables and dialogue, in addition to social media campaigns.

نادي المناظرات: مناظرات فلسطين

The program targets university students aiming at enhancing their  critical thinking approaches that creates a different culture of dialogue, encouraging youth to read and do research and utilizes the new media for influencing policies and conditions. 

شبكة نوى

launched in December 2012, NAWA aimed at supporting free-lance female journalists in their production.

التشبيك والمناصرة

This program cross cuts all the above programs and aims at building strategic or/and ad-hoc coalitions with like-minded organizations and groups on issues related to freedoms, media development, women’s rights and human rights.

بيانات صحفية

Yesterday, the police in Gaza banned Filastiniyat Organization from holding a roundtable discussion t..

البوم فلسطينيات

فيديوهات فلسطينيات

مناظرات فلسطين

Filastinyat: On the bombing of our homely space and our heart in Gaza

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