**Palestinian Media Development Organizations Unite for Gaza Journalists: Coalition Launch**

Palestinian Media Emergency Coalition for Gaza Journalists and their organizations

In response to the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Media development organizations are actively forming a coordination collation consisting of media development NGOs that are working in both West Bank and Gaza Strip.  The primary objective of this coalition is to coordinate the rapid support for Palestinian journalists reporting from the ground as lifesaving support that enables them to continue their coverage, reporting and documentation of Israeli crimes as well as the Palestinian suffering. The coalition is open for all local Palestinian media development organizations.

The coalition’s structure will be led by a steering committee consisting of Filastiniyat, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA), and Community Development and Media Center (CDMC) and will be hosted by Filastiniyat.

The coalition members will work on developing assistance criteria, coordinating the assistance provided to journalists on the ground to prevent duplication on the ground as well as strengthening the coordination mechanisms towards establishing a task force that can lead the emergency rapid response to Gaza journalists and their organizations.


The coalition will collaborate with local and international partners/donors, additionally, it will amplify ongoing advocacy efforts to shed light on the challenges faced by journalists, halt Israeli attacks against them, and ensure justice for those affected and accountability of the Israeli occupation crimes.

Current Members of the coalition:


Community Development and Media Center (CDMC)

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)

Elamiat AlJanoub